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Define Goals

I work with clients to get to the root of what they want to achieve. Whether it's a new career, relationship, or health journey, we will identify and define your goal for your next season in life.


Are you getting in your own way of achieving your goals? I can help you identify the saboteurs that are holding you back through 1:1 coaching and discovery.

Formulate Plans

Once we have established your goals, I will help you structure a realistic and achievable plan to meet them. We will determine the speed at which you want to meet your goals, and define clear steps to get you there.

Group Coaching

Sometimes you make more progress together than you do alone. Group coaching allows you to connect with others navigating similar paths. Contact me today for my group coaching rates.

Embrace the New

As you work through your plan, we will meet regularly to check in, discuss goals met, re-define goals missed, and talk through challenges as they come up. I will be there to support you through all stages of this new journey.

Text Support

This process is not one that will happen overnight, and it's natural to want to check in on goals and for clarification between sessions. I'm available for texting support along the way.

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